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Robin Grace and Ricky Beale are a dedicated partnership - Robin focusing on ancient coinage, foreign, and traditional money, while Rick specializes in classic American. We both grew up in Beaumont, Texas, and now make our home in Austin. We are the proud parents of two wonderful girls, Elizabeth and Katherine. We are blessed to be immersed in a wonderful extended family!

Ricky Beale started collecting coins in the 60s. In 1965, the first clad coinage showed up. As kids, we were convinced the copper inner core was gold ! Of course, this set off a great deal of excitement.

On top of that, a Mercury dime showed up as change at a garage sale - and with that, a childhood fascination was in full bloom which continues to this day. Like so many, Rick left the hobby in teenage years and returned as an adult - with the same fascination he had as a child.

Robin Grace quickly became interested in ancient coinage upon visiting her first coin show. As time went on, she narrowed her interest to Greek and Roman coinage, with additional interest in Traditional money of the world.

We are 900fine !

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